Monday, August 8, 2011

Maybelline Sunlight

I picked this up a few weeks ago at Walgreens, it was part of Maybelline's Springs 2011 Sweet Thing Collection. This particular shade is called "Sunlight," and it's a kind of dusty, shimmery white gold. Honestly, I looked at the bottle and thought, "Please look just like Moxie." (à la Rescue Beauty Lounge) which is currently sold out but will be returning soon, along with a few others, in the "Bring It Back" event.

Here is Moxie:

(clipped to

And here is Maybelline's Sunlight:

I really love the pale, dusty gold color, although the formula is quite sheer, and I believe this was four coats. From what I can tell, the shade is similar to Moxie. However Moxie's formula is supposed to be excellent where this one took more coats than I'd like to achieve opacity, and still had visible nail line.

Scrangie has a gorgeous swatch of the real Moxie here, and you can see the formula looks more opaque and the color more luminous. But hey, for five bucks it was worth trying anyhow!