Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Fruitful Pursuit of Strawberry Fields & How I Learned to Read

I'm really not much of a pink polish person. Give me a muted, cool-toned color any day of the week, but warm brights? No thanks. Then there was Strawberry Fields-- mouth-wateringly bright, yummy pink with gorgeous little gold flecks. So summery, fun; cheerful and girly. From China Glaze's Summer collection, last year? Well, shoot. I didn't expect to find it at my local Sally's or Ulta, but I still skimmed through the colors.

Finally I started looking on Ebay, but darn those shipping costs! So I waited, and pined, and stared at swatches of others wearing it. A couple of weeks ago I checked out another nearby Sally's, and noticed China Glaze polishes were on sale-- score! So I actually went through and read each and every polish name, to see if I was familiar with any of them.

Hang on, what's that? Strawberry Fields? ...Here all along? *Grabs bottle and hangs head in embarrassment.*

So then I learned 1) how a color appears on the nails what the actual bottle looks like can be entirely different from one another and 2) when in doubt, read the names.