Monday, August 1, 2011

Skittle Mani?

The other week my indecisiveness led me to try a "skittle" mani with a spring-inspired palette and lots of flakey goodness. I just can't get enough of Nubar 2010 and am always surprised and very pleased with how it looks over different colors.

From thumb to pinky I have Nubar 2010 layered over Nubar Wildlife, Zoya Pru, Nubar Indigo Illusion, OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It, and Zoya Dannii.

I still need to learn and perfect a good nail clean-up method. I've tried using both a cotton swab and also a paintbrush dipped in acetone to clean around the edges. Maybe I have the wrong type of brush because that was painfully difficult and took forever! For now I am in the bad habit of simply waiting until it is dried, washing my hands and trying to peel off the excess. >.>;;