Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perfect Blue

A while back I had entered in Toms giveaway of an exclusive Essie polish, Barefoot in Blue, in honor of their One Day Without Shoes challenge. I'm not sure if all who entered received a polish, but I did and was super excited because it is gorgeous!

Essie Barefoot in Blue

I was also lucky enough to find a shiny blue dusty polish at Kmart, this lovely blue-pink duochrome Blue Brilliance. It came out last Spring, and I'd missed out on it in Colorado, only to find it here in Charleston-- woohoo!

Essie Barefoot in Blue and Maybelline Blue Brilliance

It's actually very sheer and best layered, and the duochrome isn't that visible, but I've been super obsessed with blue-pink duochromes due to my unquenchable lemming for OPI's Sugarplum Yum. AGH it's so pretty, why don't we see more amazing duochromes like that?!

The next day I think I received an online order with a few polishes including Essie's Lapis of Luxury, which I then realized is basically the same polish as Barefoot in Blue-- ah well! But wait, there's more: I had also recently picked up a new color by Sinful Colors, Morning Glory, which is practically identical in color but has a glass-flecked texture instead of a creme. I included some bottle and swatch comparisons so you could see for yourselves.

Essie Barefoot in Blue, Essie Lapis of Luxury, Sinful Colors Morning Glory

Essie Barefoot in Blue vs Essie Lapis of Luxury vs Sinful Colors Morning Glory

I must really like this color if I've bought it this many times, so I feel like I'm going to get good use out of it on it's own as well as layered over.