Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love & Beauty Textured Polishes, @ Forever 21

I always love to check out the nail polishes at Forever 21! They're super cheap and usually pretty good, and sometimes are even dupes of more expensive or hard to find polishes (like the "pink speckled glitter" that was a dupe of OPI I Lily Love You.). Recently I came upon a few new textured polishes on their site, and decided to give them a try.

Love & Beauty "Black Glam" (or "Purple/Gold"), no topcoat

This is "Black Glam" or, the more generic name on the actual label, "Purple/Gold". Black Glam is a beautiful mix of gold, pink, copper, magenta, green, and purple glitter flecks in a dark aubergine base. It's basically a cross between OPI's "Vesper" and "Alcatraz... Rocks"-- the base is the same deep violet/eggplant as Vesper with the multi-colored sparkle of Alcatraz, and it looks freakin' awesome!