Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Different Dimension: Set it Free

Today I have three gorgeous scattered holographic polishes that I picked up/was sent by Different Dimension, the "Set it Free" collection. These polishes can be worn alone or layered over another color. Here I have them pictured on their own, and aren't they lovely?

Different Dimension Black Dahlia

Are there any Jrock fans out there? The first thing that comes to my mind with this polish is X Japan's song "Dahlia"-- ahh, sweet memories of visual kei! Black Dahlia is a beautiful charcoal grey scattered holograhpic polish packed with blue-purple iridescent glitters, and has a subtle fuchsia/purple shimmer that complements it perfectly. This one is my favorite of the three-- I just love how the iridescent glitters pop out against the dark grey!