Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mini Zoya Haul & More!

During one of Zoya's most recent promotions where they offered a free 8 oz. bottle of Remove+ with purchase, I picked up a few polishes I'd been ogling: Neeka and Yara from their newest Fall collection, as well as Jules from the Spring colors.

Zoya Neeka, Yara, Jules, and Remove+

I've also been trying to expand my pinks as I have very few, and found a couple cute polishes at Claire's as well.

Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Claire's Mood Color Changing Nail Polish in Lonely/Loved, & Claire's Glitter Top Coat

The first of my new Zoyas that I tried was Jules, which is a gorgeous shimmery, dusty taupe/gold; a color I've been rather obsessed with since the purchase of my newest and most beloved purse. Yes, I wanted my nail polish to match my beautiful bag. Silly? Maybe. Awesome? I think so!

Pretty stunning, right? The formula was excellent and easy to apply, and the color is so unique and entrancing. And the purse! I bought at a Coach Factory Outlet store, so it was an amazing deal. *Love!* Yara and Neeka certainly did not disappoint either, I never imagined I'd like an olive green like Yara, but Zoya knows the way to my heart. And Neeka-- dark, greyed, gold-glittered violet? Uh, yeah. I'll have swatches up of those soon, too, as well as the Claire's & (if I woman up to it) Sinful's shimmery neon pink!