Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little while ago I picked up Mermaid's Lagoon, a really beautiful teal with coppery pink shimmer. When I first applied it, it looked fantastic: the color was great, and the shimmer was very visible. But as it dried, the color changed from teal to green! So I took it off, and figured it just reacted weird with that particular top or base coat, and tried it again a couple weeks later. Well this time the color changed again, and the shimmer disappeared. Agh!!

Jesse's Girl Mermaid's Lagoon

Look how visible that beautiful shimmer is in the bottle, yet it was nowhere to be found on my nails! Also the picture above is very color accurate to what the color should have been, but it was a few shades greener in actuality.

+ CND Copper Shimmer & Crimson Sparkle

So I just decided I'd have to amp it up by adding my own shimmer and sparkle with CND Effects, and then it looked pretty awesome.

I've never had issues with a nail polish reacting that way where it changed colors, or at least not to where I noticed it. I really wish this color looked as good on my nails as it does in the bottle though!