Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Darling Diva "Queen" Collection: We Are the Champions

 Get ready for more multichrome, more holo, and more beautiful Darling Diva Polish! Today I have another amazing color sent to me from Darling Diva from her "Queen" collection, here is "We Are the Champions."

Darling Diva Polish We Are the Champions

We Are the Champions is a metallic gold/olive holographic multichrome that shifts to chartreuse, green, teal, and even turquoise-blue. The color is quite like the popular Chanel "Peridot" but with a much more intense shift, as well as a stunning linear holo effect! The holo isn't very noticeable indoors, but outdoors it is absolutely dazzling. The shifting colors are incredibly vibrant in sunlight, as well.