Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unicorn Pee 2.0

Isn't is just so awesome that all of these gorgeous color-shifting topcoats are finally becoming more available? When I first saw Clarins 230, along with the price tag, I just thought no way, ever. And then I spotted Fantasy Fire on Pretty Digit's blog, and completely freaked out.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Revlon Royal

Seriously! This polish is jaw-droppingly spectacular. Above is in direct sunlight.

Even in the shade the shift is noticeable and captivating.

I actually purchased Revlon Royal just for laying with FF. I really kind of hate the color on its own, and I get terrible tip wear for some reason. :/ ...So now I want to get Essie's No More Film (an indigo creme) and try it instead. And hopefully use it on its own as well!

The color shift is so striking at these extreme angles. And heck, I'll even wear a color I don't particularly like just to fully enhance it's multi-chromatic goodness! I'd like to give another huge thank you to Anna of Pretty Digits for sending me this incredible polish. Looovee it!!