Thursday, February 23, 2012

Golden Rose 03 & 08, Cat Eyes & Peridot

After first seeing and loving Chanel's Peridot, I started noticing more and more beautiful metallic duochromes. The greens especially caught my eye, and once I saw the photos on Noelie's blog of Golden Rose Metallic 08, I just had to find this one!

Golden Rose Metallic 03 & 08

There were a couple of other duochromes in that line, and the other I had heard about was 03, which was supposedly very similar to Peridot. It reminded me very much of my beautiful kitty's eyes! So I searched the web and found a site in Poland (Golden Rose Styl) that distributes the metallics and said they could ship to the US.

Gemma when she was a kitten, posing with fruit.

Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble getting my order to go through on their site, and after e-mailing back and forth with their incredibly patient and helpful CS representative, Inga, she was so amazingly kind as to send me these two polishes for free. Thank you again very much Inga! I absolutely love these colors.

Golden Rose Metallic 03

The formula was excellent, very easy to work with and opaque in two coats. And the color is just gorgeous! Similar to Peridot, however I believe 03 has more gold than green. The duochrome is most visible indoors and at certain angles, but that lovely green shift is always just slightly apparent. I really hope these will someday become available on the US Golden Rose site.

Direct sun

I was really touched by the kindness showed to me when I sought a product from this company where we could barely communicate, yet they were so very helpful and patient with my requests. It is these kinds of gestures that I think help us remember that there are many good people out there, and that we can do more to be better ourselves.