Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Fall Collections from Zoya and Rescue Beauty Lounge!

This week, Zoya and Rescue Beauty Lounge have announced their new colors for Fall 2011. Zoya's Smoke and Mirrors collection includes 12 beautiful shades, from cremes to metallics to incredible gold sparkles.
· Jana - Smoky mauve quartz cream
· Petra - Smoky eggplant mauve cream
· Codie - Smoky brown taupe cream
· Anja - Smoky palatinate purple cream
· Cynthia - Smoky Prussian blue cream
· Dree - Smoky camouflage green cream

· Nimue - Smoky rich thistle metallic
· Marina - Smoky steel blue metallic
· Tao - Smoky slate gray metallic
· Yara - Sparkly olive green metallic
· Neeka - Sparkly amethyst purple metallic
· Jem - Sparkly fandango pink metallic

Here are some beautiful swatches from some of the lucky bloggers who were able to preview these:

Smoke & Mirrors
Temptalia: Smoke & Mirrors
Vampy Varnish: Smoke & Mirrors

Pre-order is available on Zoya's website now and will ship July 15th.

This afternoon, Ji from Rescue Beauty Lounge previewed her Pre-Fall collection, L’Oiseau de Feu. She describes the colors and how they were inspired by "the metamorphosis of colors brought on by Hurricane Earl." In her blog, she writes:

“I envisioned my first color—Pizzicato—inspired by the gentle tiny taps of rain droplets as they hit the tin roof, reminiscent of plucked strings. A misty white with the faintest hint of lavender, Pizzicato has a shimmer that acts like prisms of light in a sun shower.”

“When the wind picked up, I saw Poco a poco, “little by little.” This is a shade that changes from moment to moment. It’s the stunning, sparkling pink of a fanning cloud when the red and orange rays of the sun are trying to burst through.”

“Later, the ominous dark clouds bled into the sky with a fast-moving wind. Piú Mosso is an inky, blue-black that shoots through a flash of orange, the last glow of sunlight.”

"At last, when the light left the sky and the wind started to roar, the sky turned into a shade beyond description—a dark greenish, blackish, brown, leading to a powerful Fortissimo, the finale chord of The Fire Bird.”

Such a moving and vivid idea behind these! A few select bloggers were given samples to preview.

L’Oiseau de Feu
All Lacquered Up
Kellie Gonzo

Ji has said that the pre-order for her new shades should be available around the end of July.

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