Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Haul & Layering!

Here are a few polishes I've picked up recently:

Left to Right: CND Copper Shimmer, China Glaze White Cap, Nicole Green Up Your Act, Poshe Topcoat, Poshe Nail-Strengthening Basecoat

I've been so excited about all of these! Originally I wanted to use Copper Shimmer to try and recreate one of the colors from Rescue Beauty Lounge's Firebird collection, Piu Mosso, a beautiful royal navy creme that flashes orange & red shimmer. Well I don't have a proper royal navy to test this on yet, but I did really love it over Nicole by OPI's Green Up Your Act, a gorgeous murky teal that leans toward jade green.

Green Up Your Act & Naked nails

Thought I'd show off these nice dings in my polish, too. >.>;;

Pretty amazing together! Next I want to try it over Sally Hansen's Gray by Gray, a nice, dusty blue-grey. I also expect I'll be layering White Cap over just about everything-- it adds an amazing gold sparkle to colors! I absolutely loooved it over Nubar's Indigo Illusion, and will post pictures of that soon. ♥

The Poshe top & base coats are 3-free (no formaldehyde, toluene, or phthalates) and I think it's great that the base is also a strengthener "for dry, brittle, weak, peeling nails". So far I've liked them quite well, no shrinkage or peeling. All in all, a most excellent mini-haul!


  1. Are those your naked nails? I'm so jealous :)

  2. Oh I do have a base coat on though! Not looking so great atm after immense cleaning. ;_;