Sunday, January 15, 2012

Have you joined the Cult?

Talking of course about Cult Nails and her amazing colors! This one I picked up a few months back, and there are still a few others I would really love. Iconic is such a perfect combination of complementing colors-- berry red with bright fiery red flakes and a gold shimmer to top it off. Absolutely love. This is how it arrived, a little polish burrito:

And here it is on the nails!

I apologize for the somewhat washed-out color, my camera is very finicky about certain lighting.

My only complaint would be that, as you can see, I did experience tip wear rather quickly, but I'm also not very good at wrapping my tips (when I even remember to...) so that would probably help!

Every now and then Maria does specials on the polishes, so keep an eye out for those, but don't wait too long or the color you want may just sell out. This has such a beautiful base, and the flakes really pop and come alive in it! Definitely a unique, must-have color.

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