Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Glitter Mania!

Yeah, I have the glitter bug. I blame all of those Deborah Lippmann glitters! Even though I don't own a single one. :D Here is NYX Superfunk and L.A. Girl Nostalgic over Zoya Kendal, and then alternately topped with Pure Ice's Busted, and Heart Breaker.

Zoya Kendal + NYX Superfunk + L.A. Girl Nostalgic + Pure Ice Busted & Heart Breaker

Oh, tip wear, you are the bane of my manicures.

I thought it turned out pretty nice; the sheer Pure Ice shimmers really changed the overall colors and added that extra something. They are really excellent for layering and adding depth. And I think these glitter + pastel manis are perfect for Spring!