Monday, April 30, 2012

Solid Glitter

Rock Solid is part of the Mineral FX collection from Orly, part of their Fall line from last year. Some very similar polishes also came out at that time, dark greys with holographic glitter, but Rock Solid is a little more unique.

Orly Rock Solid

The base color is very nice: charcoal with silver shimmer, almost foil looking, but to me it seems like the holographic glitter was an afterthought or that it's kind of like frosting on top of a chocolate chip cookie (I seriously saw this at Walmart the other day, would you like some sugar with your sugar?). >,<;; The holo glitter isn't as sparkly as it is in the other near-dupe polishes (CG Some Like it Haute for one), and I think the color would be prettier without it really.

Despite my thinking this color could use a little tweaking, I do really like it as a polish, although I will admit to purchasing its more sparkly counterpart by China Glaze. Some like it holo!

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