Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's a boy girl party! ...ish

Ever since I first saw this polish, I couldn't stop thinking about it. For some silly reason I decided not to add Boy Girl Party to my first Lynnderella wish list, but I can assure you that won't happen this time around!

Revlon Indigo Night + LA Girl Celebrate + Nyx Superfunk

At first I thought, "You know, I could easily recreate this with some of the glitters I have-- it will be indistinguishable!" Erm, not quite.

While I did really like this combo (despite my craptastic application), it simply isn't the same! The real Boy Girl Party has an amazing assortment of varying colors and sizes of glitters that give it more dimension and awesomness. Pure glitterific awesomeness. These two have more tiny specks of glitter and not enough large/medium sizes for my liking.

Llarowe will be taking new Lynnderella wish lists starting next week, so make sure you've signed up for email updates on her site if you wish to be included! And check out some beautiful swatches of Boy Girl Party by Sparkly Vernis.

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