Sunday, December 9, 2012

Buried Treasure

Ever since the preview of these polishes, I have been super excited by and impressed with Hare Polish's new Fall colors! She has some really gorgeous and unique color combinations and I absolutely love the inspiration behind them all. This polish, Bury the Hatchetfish, is part of her Illuminated Life collection based on marine bioluminescence. Seeing how I am totally obsessed with magical blue/purple iridescent glitter, I knew I had to grab some of these beauties!

Hare Polish Bury the Hatchetfish

Although all of the colors from this collection look completely stunning, Bury the Hatchetfish just might be my favorite. The taupe-y brown complements the iridescent purple glitter and shimmer very nicely, and the sheer, jelly base allows the vivid colors to peek through. The neutral base even makes it pretty work-friendly! (Right?)

However I will add that I found the formula to be rather difficult to work with; next application I will definitely add some thinner. Perhaps this is because it's so packed with glitter, but I found it to be goopy and difficult to even out, as well as quite sheer. It would probably be easier to layer this over another brown. This was three coats, and after a top coat it was still a bit lumpy in some areas.

Despite the difficulties I encountered, this color is definitely worth the effort, and I (er, Santa!) even picked up Medusa Luminosa as well. Purple + Magic Purple Glitter = THE MOST MAGICAL PURPLE.

Hare's polishes are sold in her Etsy shop as well as by Llarowe.

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