Sunday, January 6, 2013

Velvet Ocean

For Christmas I took part in a nail polish swap (so much fun!!) and one of the many stunning polishes I received was this gorgeous Layla, Softouch 10 or "Turquoise Splash".

Layla Softouch 10 "Turquoise Splash"

Although I have a matte topcoat, this is actually my first matte polish! Most of the matte colors I've seen, such as ManGlaze's and Zoya's, I'd preferred with a topcoat to make them sparkle. And while Turquoise Splash is gorgeous shiny or matte, I actually prefer the subtle, velvet-y look it has while matte.

I was nervous about wearing a polish without a topcoat, so I took some advice and did a matte sandwich-- basecoat, then polish, topcoat, and polish on top. It worked out really well and made it perfectly opaque, though it was nearly so in just one coat. The only issue I encountered was that it chipped in a couple of spots after just one day. :( So I did a topcoat and a little nail art to fix it up!

with Pure Ice Temptress

Just when you thought it couldn't look any more beautiful! Check out that sparkle! I did a tape accent nail with one of the new limited Pure Ice colors, Temptress, a matte violet and gold polish. I'd read about a bunch of limited Pure Ice colors that were coming out, and was very pleased to find a few of them were also matte.

Thank you again polish Santa for the beautiful colors! I'd love to try more of the Layla Softouch polishes in the future as they all look so amazing.

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