Friday, March 1, 2013

Spoooky in the Spring!

It's no secret that Halloween is basically my favorite, and I love all things scary and frightful, especially if it's also a little silly. And while the spooky season only lasts a little while, I love to enjoy it all year round! Here is a fun and fearsome mani with China Glaze Immortal and Sonoma Nail Art "Here Lies Robert."

Sonoma Nail Art Here Lies Robert over China Glaze Immortal

Here Lies Robert was part of Sonoma Nail Art's Halloween collection last year-- I LOVED all of the glitters in that set! This one is a ghoulish mix of black, silver, dark and light green, and little bits of gold, in hexes, squares, bars, and diamonds. Such a fun mix of colors and shapes! And really perfect for Halloween.

Application and glitter density were excellent. This was one coat, and the glitters spread out very nicely. I just dabbed at the bars a bit to place them. (Sidenote: This is basically the only bar glitter I've ever liked! It's that awesome.)

I'm definitely going to be wearing this glitter between now and next Halloween, it's just too cool to only wear for one season!
Have a spooky sweet Spring!

Super cool borders and delightful image stamps courtesy of

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