Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sinister Benediction: Part One

Today I have a trio of colors sent to me by Sinister Benediction that are inspired by the Hobbit, the Metal Earth collection.

Sinister Benediction Gondolin Steel

"The high elves of Gondolin forged blades that glow 'bright as blue flame' when goblins are about."

This is Gondolin Steel, a beautiful steel blue-grey with lots of shimmery glass flecks. The flecks are quite fine and the formula is very smooth, making it look almost like a shimmer-y metallic grey leaning blue. This was four coats.

Next I have Mithril, a really lovely light silver, shimmery glass-fleck color that sparkles champagne-gold in sunlight. My pictures don't do this color justice; unfortunately it was quite overcast out! It's incredibly sparkly in person though.

Sinister Benediction Mithril

"Bilbo's mithril shirt was found in Smaug's hoard below the Lonely Mountain, one of many 'coats of mail gilded and silvered and impenetrable'."

The formula was very similar to Gondolin Steel, smooth and easy to work with. This was also four coats.

And lastly I have my personal favorite, The One Ring. This beautiful gold has more of a liquid metal look to it, with glass fleck shimmers that sparkle a gorgeous pink in the sun. I wish I had been able to capture that sparkle better, but it's definitely there in person!

Sinister Benediction The One Ring

"The One Ring forged by Sauron was 'round and unadorned', but, when hot, the marks of dark speech appeared on it 'clear as red flame'."

Another great formula, The One Ring was also a touch thicker and more opaque. Photos show three coats.

Sinister Benediction's Etsy shop should be reopening very soon, so keep an eye on her Facebook page for updates and new releases.
Part two of my Sinister Benediction polishes review will be up soon-- the multichromes!

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