Thursday, May 23, 2013

Different Dimension: Echoes

A whole collection of polishes inspired by Pink Floyd? Of course they're awesome! I have five of Different Dimension's "Echoes" collection colors that she sent me to review, and they're bright, fun, and perfect for Summer!

Different Dimension Another Brick in the Wall

Let's start with Another Brick in the Wall, a glitter mix containing satin hot pink, white, and black hexes, squares, and rectangles, sprinkled with black, white, and holographic micro-glitter in a clear base. The color combination gives this polish kind of an 80's feel, which I love, and also allows it to pair well with a variety of colors. It was fairly dense with glitter, and had a great formula, making it easy to get perfect coverage in just one coat. I layered it over a bright teal, Jesse's Girl Mermaid's Lagoon.

Different Dimension Comfortably Numb

Next up is Comfortably Numb, a mix of satin goldenrod and hot pink hexes and squares in varying sizes, with sparkling pink micro-glitter to give it a pretty pink shimmer. Another great formula with lots of glitter; this was two coats. Comfortably Numb is a very warm and bright glitter that's really going to pop over just about anything! Here I've layered it over Revlon Enchanting, a gorgeous lilac creme.

Different Dimension Money

Money is one of my favorites from this collection! The turquoise, green, and neon yellow look so fantastic together! Money has a sheer crelly base filled with neon yellow, turquoise, white, black, gold, and green in circles, hexes, and squares of various sizes. And a few of the glitters are holographic, giving it a gorgeous sparkle that you catch now and then. I was really happy with the formula on this one as well. The large circle glitters tend to be too heavy for most bases, but they were fairly easy to fish out, and the smaller glitters applied very easily. Three coats gave me just enough coverage. It would also work well layered over a pale pastel blue or mint.

Different Dimension Hey You

Hey You is a pale lavender crelly packed with small purple hexes and holographic micro-glitters and fuchsia circle glitters. This polish is a bit softer but also very fun and girly! The formula was excellent, super easy to apply and full of glitter. Hey You could also probably be layered over another pastel, but it builds very nicely on its own. Here I used three coats and it's nearly opaque.

Different Dimension Wish You Were Here

Something about Wish You Were Here makes it my absolute favorite of this collection-- the large, holographic circle glitters, the combination of pinks, blues, and silver, and all of the sparkle going on. It's just amazing, and looks great with a TON of colors. Wish You Were Here is quite striking over Revlon Royal; it reminds me of beautiful, brilliant nebula! Another wonderful formula, packed with glitter, although again, you may need to fish for the large circles. Totally worth it though.

Different Dimension polishes are available for sale in her Etsy shop and on Llarowe. Also be sure to like her on Facebook for restock news and previews of new colors!


  1. Gorgeous swatches! I think Hey You is my fave, and I had to remind myself I own something very much like it to prevent myself from adding it to the wishlist.

    1. Thank you! It's a really lovely mix of colors. ;)

  2. These polishes are amazing <3 Beautiful swatches, too!