Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is a brand whose beautiful polishes I've admired and coveted for some time, and when I discovered that nearly all of them are inspired by (probably my favorite video game) World of Warcraft, I pretty much lost my mind with utter nerdjoy. So I was fairly ecstatic when I found out that I would receive polish samples to review! Prepare for a ton of photos and some serious nerd-citement in today's post!

Femme Fatale Darkmoon Fortune

Darkmoon Fortune contains chocolate brown, holo fuchsia, holo aqua, and blue-purple iridescent glitter in a plum-tinted base. It's based on everyone's favorite place to whack-a-gnoll, the Darkmoon Faire, and as you can see, it's totally spot-on!

The formula was fantastic and it applied very nicely and with excellent coverage. The base is only lightly tinted so I layered two coats of Darkmoon Fortune over a lovely blue-violet, Indigo Bananas Halcyon. Next time I'll add a coat or two of Gelous to better smooth out the glitter.

Femme Fatale Incendius

Incendius is a mix of orange, red, gold holo, burgundy-brown, and navy hexes, squares, and short bars in a clear base. This polish is based on one of the fire lords in Blackrock Depths, Lord Incendius.

To further enhance the fiery glow of Incendius, I layered two coats over Orly Rococo A Go-Go, a sparkling deep merlot that shifts copper. The formula was also superb, with excellent glitter coverage.

Femme Fatale Galaxis Shards

Galaxis Shards is a blend of silver, black, gunmetal, iridescent, and holographic hex, diamond, and bar glitter in a grey-tinted base. The diamonds are really unique and fitting for this color, resembling void "shards". This polish is based on the soul shard possessed by Void Baron Galaxis, although to me it looks more like the shadow-y stuff that swirls around his incorporeal being.

The formula was a touch thicker, but nothing a little thinner didn't fix. All of the glitter came out easily and applied evenly and with perfect coverage. I rather wish that the base weren't as tinted however as the black glitters become difficult to see, but it does help the iridescents pop. Here I layered two coats over China Glaze Immortal, a shimmering grey.

Tricky Treats is the quintessential Halloween polish! It's a combination of (mostly) orange, fuchsia, red, violet, gold holo, and chocolate brown hexes, squares, bars, and a dash of hearts in a slightly orange-tinted base. This polish is inspired by one of my favorite foods in WoW, the Halloween candy Tricky Treats. When consumed, you experience a "sugar rush" and can run very fast! But if you eat too many, you become sick and puke. It's SO FUN!

The touches of pink in Tricky Treats makes me think of a cutesy and girly Halloween motif, so I layered it over a sweet pink/lavender, Elianto Lilac. The formula was excellent with perfect glitter density, and only needed about two coats for coverage. All of the glitters were super easily extractable, with just a bit of fishing needed for the elusive hearts, and some placing of the bars.

I'm truly delighted that I was finally able to try Femme Fatale's incredible polishes. The formulas were stellar, the colors and style are so uniquely bold and dazzling, and her interpretations are simply perfect! I'm definitely going to pick up more in the near future.

For the Horde!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics is located in Australia, and carries her line of polishes and pigments as well as several other indie nail polish brands on her website. At this time, most of the products listed on her site can only be shipped to Australia residents, however there are many distributors world-wide that carry and sell Femme Fatale nail polishes, listed below.

Make sure to follow Femme Fatale Cosmetics on Facebook for restock news and photos of new products, and also on Instagram for first-looks at new colors!

Llarowe – USA
Harlow & Co – Canada
Color4Nails – USA
Shoppe Eclecticco – Singapore
Norway Nails – Norway
Beauty So Fly – Singapore
Le Doux Nuage – France


  1. Wow there all so pretty!! Your swatches are wonderful :)

  2. Rachel, your swatches are amazing, and I love you paired it with the Windrider plushy (I have one too lol). <3

    1. Thank you Sophie!! I *loved* swatching these colors, they're just so special. I have a Murloc and Gryphon plushie for next time! :D

  3. Your swatches are gorgeous! I am so in love with Femme Fatale. I have to control the urge to go buy ALL their polishes!!

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