Thursday, August 8, 2013

Indigo Bananas With a Spoon in It

Today I have the final (and possibly my favorite!) of Indigo Bananas' "Executive Holo" collection! Here is the gorgeous and subtle With a Spoon in It.

Indigo Bananas With a Spoon in It

With a Spoon in It is a beautiful muted golden cocoa color with tiny gold flecks, and a spectacular linear holographic effect. Indoors it is mostly taupe with flashes of warm brown shimmer and sparkling gold. Something about this color and finish give it a very cozy, comforting feel-- like hot cocoa, warm wool scarves, and soft kitten fur. With a Spoon in It is such a sophisticated yet dazzling neutral, perfect for Fall!

Alright, so the actual inspiration for With a Spoon in It is delicious coffee, best described by Eddie Izzard. "Yes, I like my coffee hot and strong! Like I like my women; hot and strong, with a spoon in them."

Outdoors you can see the full spectrum of awesome in With a Spoon in It! The holo is just incredible, and I love the beautiful brown shimmer. In full sun the color warms up a bit and looks more like delicious warm cocoa (or a hot, strong cup of coffee!). As with all of my Indigo Bananas polishes, the formula was perfect,

Andrea has some STUNNING new colors in the works so check out her store this weekend! They'll be for sale Sunday, August 11th at 3 P.M. PST. Check out her Facebook page for previews of these incredible holographic duochromes.

Indigo Bananas polishes are for sale in her Etsy shop, and also at Edgy Polish and Mei Mei's Signatures. You can find more great photos and information on her website, Also be sure to like Indigo Bananas on Facebook for sneak peeks, deals, and giveaways!


  1. Its definitely a stunner! Can see why its your favorite :)

  2. Gorgeous! I really like the silver quality to it. Makes it a more versatile color. Great swatches, as usual. :)

    1. Yeah I love how muted it looks. Thank you Cathy!