Saturday, September 14, 2013

Darling Diva "Queen" Collection: Killer Queen

Darling Diva Polish Killer Queen

Today I have another one of Darling Diva's super multichrome holos from her upcoming "Queen" inspired collection (on sale tonight!), here is the supremely gorgeous Killer Queen.

Killer Queen is a beautiful indigo with an outstanding multichromatic effect, shifting between blue, violet, pink, copper, and even gold. It contains multiple grades of holographic pigment which give Killer Queen a striking and unique prismatic sparkle, that is especially visible in direct light. Like Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer queen's color shifting qualities can be seen, very strongly, in both indoor and outdoor lighting, which is so impressive and amazing to behold! I absolutely love the colors and effects of this polish.

Application was a breeze, with the formula being very much like Bohemian Rhapsody-- very smooth and even, albeit a touch sheer. Again, I layered two coats of Killer Queen over my favorite dark navy creme, Revlon Urban.

As you can see, the color shift is truly remarkable, and appears with very little effort. The lovely fuchsia pink shift looks amazing with the dark indigo base.

Outdoors, you can enjoy both the multichrome AND the beautiful holo sparkle!

The Queen collection polishes will be available TODAY, in less than an hour, at Darling Diva's Big Cartel store opening. These colors are packed with awesome, and will retail for a little more at $15 apiece. They're also limited edition colors (some very limited!) so make sure to follow Darling Diva on Facebook so you don't miss out!

Darling Diva: Facebook · Etsy · Big Cartel

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