Monday, October 7, 2013

Darling Diva "Queen" Collection: Flash

Darling Diva Polish Flash

Today I have another beauty from Darling Diva Polish's "Queen" inspired super-multichrome holo collection, a very unique and spectacular color, Flash.

Flash is a beautiful chocolate-y burgundy that shifts to copper, warm gold, and hints of green, with a beautiful holo effect in direct light. This is a such a lovely and different shade of multichrome polish, and captures that Autumn feeling perfectly! I decided to layer it over a very dark crimson, Revlon Seductive, but I actually think it would have looked even better on its own. The metallic finish can become slightly brushstroke-y if you aren't careful, but again I think that's because I layered it over another polish.

In full sun both the color shift and holo are very visible, and look truly outstanding together.

I still have one more of these incredible polishes to share with you, and it has become my new absolute favorite color!

Darling Diva Polish

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