Thursday, October 24, 2013

Darling Diva: Ru Paul Collection, Part 1

I have some deliciously wild & bright colors sent to me from Darling Diva Polish to share today! Here are a few of the fabulous polishes from her RuPaul inspired collection. I decided to start with the warm hues (and don't they just look like candy?): here are RuPaulogize, Covergirl, Never Give Up, and Snatchgame.

Darling Diva RuPaulogize

RuPaulogize is a bright orange jelly filled with glass flecks and subtle holo sparkle. The semi-translucent jelly finish lets the texture and sparkle really show, and gives it a fun "juicy" look. Whenever I look at this color it's as though I can taste sweet orange candy! The formula was just perfect; very smooth and easy to apply, and opaque in 3-4 coats.

In full sun you can see a touch of that holographic sparkle! And I love how the flecks turn golden in the orange base.

Darling Diva Covergirl

Covergirl is a very bright warm pink linear holographic with subtle violet sparkle. The finish is almost like an opaque jelly, which really allows the sparkle and texture to show while not being too sheer or thin. This is a really fun and girly pink to wear! Perfect for when you want to feel like a "Covergirl". The formula was also excellent and easy to work with, and opaque in about three coats.

Darling Diva Never Give Up

Never Give Up is a super bright canary yellow jelly with green/pink duochrome sparkle. Since it's a much more sheer jelly I decided to layer it over a white creme, but it can be worn on its own as well. This color kind of flipped my camera out, so I couldn't capture as much of the texture and green shimmer as was visible in person, but it is certainly there! Never Give Up also reminds me of candy, like sweet and tart lemon chews, yum! Although sheer, the formula was just great and super easy to work with. Next time I'm definitely wearing it by itself to get more of that sparkle to show! Shown here is two coats over white.

Darling Diva Snatchgame

Snatchgame is a cranberry pink linear holo with a jelly-like finish. It's similar to Covergirl, but much more red-toned and not nearly as vivid a pink. This one has a lot of sparkle, and is just full of rainbows in bright sunlight! And I especially love the cranberry color for Autumn. Snatchgame also had a wonderful formula and applied perfectly, becoming opaque in three coats.

I still have four of the gorgeous "cool"-toned RuPaul polishes to share with you, and they are fantastic, so stay tuned for those beauties!

Darling Diva Polish

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