Thursday, December 5, 2013

Darling Diva Polish: Diamonds & Opals, Part 2

I have more incredible colors from Darling Diva Polish to share with you today! Here is the "Diamonds" collection sent to me from the amazing Carrie, a set of beautiful 1-2 coat holos in a dazzling array of colors, perfect for any season!

Darling Diva Polish Diamond

Diamond is a light silver holographic polish, and very aptly named, as it's as sparkly as any diamond in full sun! The formula was good and easy to work with; a little thick, but nearly opaque in just one coat, save for a few little patchy areas. I recommend a quick application with these, as they dry rather quickly, and over-applying with the brush may cause streakiness. All of the Diamond colors are very much alike in formula and opacity-- simply excellent!

Darling Diva Polish Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a charcoal-grey holographic color. Such a classic, elegant color, made all the more beautiful with its prismatic sparkle. I just love this one! The formula was very much like Diamond; excellent and easy to apply with just a few quick strokes (no fussing with it!). Shown here is two coats.

Darling Diva Polish Green Diamond

Green Diamond is a vivid pistachio green holographic polish. It's a little less yellow-toned in person than it appears in my photos, but still very bright and prismatic. Green Diamond is a really beautiful and unique color, and I was pleasantly surprised with how flattering the color was on me! The formula and opacity was the same as with the previous colors, excellent and only needing 1-2 coats.

Darling Diva Polish Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a stunning ocean/turquoise blue holographic color. This blue is incredible, absolutely a favorite for me! Carrie described this as her "Holy Grail blue holo," and I have to agree, it's the perfect blue! Another excellent formula, just like the other Diamonds, and opaque in only 1-2 coats.

Darling Diva Polish Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond is a very lovely pale blue-toned pink holographic polish. This is such a sweet and delicate shade of pink, another color I simply love! However I must point out that, as Carrie warned me, this one stained rather badly on me. I used two coats of basecoat, but was still left with some dark red stains that took a good bit of scrubbing to completely remove. I would recommend very careful application and an extra coat or two of basecoat. It's such a pretty color, still totally worth it in my opinion. The formula was wonderful and just like the other Diamond colors. Shown here is two coats.

Darling Diva Polish Rose Diamond

Rose Diamond is a gorgeous rosy red-toned pink holographic color. This one might just be my favorite, it's such a perfect "rose" color! Somehow it makes me think of enchanted castles and Sleeping Beauty; very sweet yet elegant! Rose Diamond's formula was quite like the other colors, excellent and opaque in just 1-2 coats.

Darling Diva Polish Chocolate Diamond

Chocolate Diamond is a chocolate brown-tinted silvery holographic polish. This one reminds me of delicious, milky hot cocoa-- yum! It isn't a deeply saturated shade of brown, but more of an almost grey with a subtle cocoa color. A very soft, cozy kind of color, perfect for this time of year. The formula was like all of the Diamond colors, wonderful and easy to apply, and opaque in 1-2 coats.

All of the unique colors and the vivid prismatic effect of the holos make this a truly stunning collection! Which colors are your favorite?

Darling Diva Polish

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