Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sally Hansen: Work of Tart

Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer in "Work of Tart"

This weekend while perusing around Ulta I discovered that they had the new Sally Hansen "Sugar Shimmer" collection, which I've been super psyched about trying! They all looked pretty amazing, but I knew I just had to get Work of Tart, a gorgeous dusty teal with gold/green shimmer.


While I am absolutely in love with the color, especially how it appears in the bottle, I'm still not totally sure if I love how it looks on the nail. The formula is a little bit watery, yet also kind of gloopy, and is rather sheer. I seemed to get the best results when I added a thin coat, let that completely dry, then another thin coat, and let it dry, then finally added a thicker coat on top. This made it mostly opaque and even-looking. It seems to dry rather slowly, which is why I recommend letting it dry completely between coats. Here I have three coats with no topcoat.

with top coat

Adding topcoat to texture polishes can either change the color and sparkle dramatically, or leave it looking basically the same with a somewhat glossy finish. Work of Tart seemed to look somewhere in-between when I put topcoat over it (a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite). The shimmer and sparkle are slightly more apparent, but it still looks as if it has the rough "sugar" texture. Personally, I think I prefer the matte textured look, sans topcoat.

with top coat

The colors in this collection all look really fantastic, but I'm still on the fence about the finish and formula of these textures. I want to try layering them over other colors and see if they don't work out better that way. In any case, I will probably pick up more of the Sugar Shimmers, since I just can't resist that sparkle!


  1. Love thisssss. <3 I really liked the feel of their original texture line, I'll have to pick this one up soon!