Thursday, January 23, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Behead the Drama Queen

Colors by Llarowe Behead the Drama Queen

After ogling many of her dazzling colors for some time now, I've finally picked up my first Colors by Llarowe polish. Here is the stunning chameleon, "Behead the Drama Queen."

Behead the Drama Queen is a beautiful teal-green jelly filled with sparkling emerald green shimmer that shifts to a rich sapphire blue at different angles. I actually wore this one for Christmas, and loved how it transformed my nails into luxurious glittering gems! The formula was superb, and applied very smooth and evenly. This was three easy coats, which made it opaque with a beautiful glazed quality.

Here you can really see the stunning intense blue color shift!

I was extremely pleased with Behead the Drama Queen and definitely look forward to trying more CbL polishes in the future! Colors by Llarowe can be found for sale on her website and will soon also be available through Harlow & Co.

Colors by Llarowe

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