Friday, January 10, 2014

Dainty Digits: Galaxy Collection

I have some very pretty holos from a new polish brand that I'm excited to share with you! These are by Dainty Digits, from her Galaxy Collection, a set of lovely and unique holographic polishes.

Disclosure: The products in this review were purchased by me at a discounted price.

Dainty Digits Pacific Ocean

I'm going to start with my favorite out of these, Pacific Ocean. This is a gorgeous vivid pastel periwinkle linear holographic with holo sparkle. I absolutely love this color! The formula is pretty even, although a little sheer, and needs about 3-4 coats to become opaque. My bottle of Pacific Ocean arrived with clumps and swirls of unmixed pigment, as you might notice in these photos. I contacted Dainty Digits and she recommended adding a few drops of thinner, which helped tremendously. This one also had a bit of a gritty texture from the micro-glitter, even after adding topcoat, but it isn't too noticeable. Despite having a couple of small formula flaws, this is such a stunning shade and I'll definitely be wearing it again!

Dainty Digits Sky's the Limit

Sky's the Limit is a lovely pale aqua blue crelly with a subtle linear holographic effect. The formula was also good; very smooth and even, and was one of the more opaque of the bunch, needing about three coats. This is another color that I really love-- the almost "milky" quality makes it a truly unique pastel blue! For some reason though, blues such as these tend to make my hands look very pink, but Sky's the Limit is showing up correctly at least!

I did have another strange issue with this polish that I feel I should mention: when it arrived, splattered all around the neck of the bottle, both inside and out was a pink metallic polish. It had dried on the outside of the bottle and was down inside the neck and in polish, but fortunately didn't seem to have mixed with the rest of it, almost as if the cap had been taken from a metallic pink polish and screwed onto this one (and this cap is unlike the rest that I received). After wiping the outside of the bottle and neck, as well as the brush inside, with an acetone-soaked cotton ball, and cleaning the polish from inside the bottle with a cotton swab, it was gone, and didn't seem to affect the color, fortunately.

Dainty Digits Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star is a beautiful dark muted navy blue jelly with soft linear/scattered holo effect. The formula was very smooth and easy to work with. This one was the most sheer and needs 4-5 coats to become opaque, and still maintains a somewhat translucent quality. Wish Upon a Star really has a deep space "galaxy" feel to it, like the night sky before it completely darkens.

Dainty Digits Aurora Shimmer

Aurora Shimmer is a very pale and nearly grey lavender-pink linear holographic. Something about dusty lavenders such as this always call to me! The formula was like the others, smooth and even, and a bit sheer, needing 4-5 coats to become opaque. It dries matte and a little gritty before adding topcoat, but becomes somewhat smoother afterward.

Dainty Digits Neptune's Wonderland

Neptune's Wonderland is a bright teal linear holographic with holo micro-glitter. This was the most opaque, needing only 2-3 coats, and also applied pretty smooth and evenly. However, it also had a more noticeable gritty texture to it that did not even out well, even with topcoat. I tried adding thinner to this color as well but was less successful in correcting the issue.

Dainty Digits polishes can be purchased from her Storenvy shop. You can also follow her on Instagram for updates, discounts, and previews of new colors.

Dainty Digits


  1. Thanks so much for your thorough review. I found that the thickness issue stemmed from a space heater that ended up far to close to my polish shelf. That's been corrected. The bottle top variation came from a little recycling of discarded , empty bottles. I couldn't bear to just toss them out. I truly thank you for going over each color with a fine-tooth comb. This really helps me grow as an Indie brand.

  2. Sky's the Limit and Aurora Shimmer are my favourites, but I'd probably layer them to avoid needing 3-4 coats. They are beautiful though!

  3. Such pretty shades in this collection!