Saturday, March 1, 2014

Digital Nails: Nox, Super Temp, and Lying

Hey everyone! Sorry about the long lapse between posts, but I'm back now and have some rad-tastic colors from Digital Nails to share with you all today!

Digital Nails Nox

Nox is an incredible multi-faceted thermal polish. When warm, it appears as a beautiful translucent grey with blue-to-purple shifting flecks, and when cold, turns a deep, nearly-black midnight blue, which really makes those iridescent flecks pop! And for us Harry Potter fans, "Nox" is the counter spell to "Lumos," and is used to extinguish a wand's light. Pretty awesome, right?! The formula was excellent and very easy to work with and apply evenly. Here I've used about 3-4 coats, to get the grey a little more opaque.

Digital Nails Super Temp

Super Temp is a stunning bright coral-red with golden shimmer, dedicated to the delightful Doctor Who companion Donna Noble. (Isn't she just fantastic?!) I typically prefer pink-toned corals, and don't really go for true reds or oranges, but wow-- something about this fiery, golden red-orange just speaks to me, and looks freakin' fabulous! Another dreamy smooth formula, and only needed about 2-3 coats.

Digital Nails Lying

Lying is another gorgeous thermal polish which becomes a beautiful vivid turquoise when warm, and shifts to denim blue and dark, dusty violet when cold. It also contains bright blue flecks that add another dimension of awesome to this color! I don't think I've ever had my nails noticed or complimented more as when I wore Lying; it's just such a lovely color(s) and looks so cool whatever state it's in! The formula was also superb and very easy to apply, needing 2-3 coats.

Every polish I've tried so far from Digital Nails has looked spectacular, had a delightful namesake, and been all-around a fantastic polish. I would definitely recommend trying her polishes if you're looking for something lovely and unique, and will appeal to your nerdier sensibilities!

Digital Nails


  1. Super Temp got me excited the moment I saw its name in my feed...and it's brilliant! :D Donna's my favourite companion, and I think this shade matches her fiery self perfectly (and reminds me of a non-sand version of OPI jinx)! I don't feel very comfortable wearing true reds either, but with all thid gorgeous shimmer, this is the polish I could totally see myself sporting...but only could, because there seems to be no international shipping it the shop. :(

    I wonder how it compares to Zoya Myrta, though...don't you have that one, by any chance? :)

    Anyway, loving your blog! Keep up great job!

    1. Oh no! That's a bummer that she isn't shipping internationally anymore. :( I hope she'll perhaps find a distributor to sell her colors worldwide!

      Donna is one of my absolute favorites too! I actually don't have Zoya Myrta, so I'm not entirely sure how alike they are-- Myrta appears to be really similar though! May have to pick it up, too, ;D (All of the Zoyas!!)

  2. Digital Nails does indeed do fabulous polishes, but has not found a reliable international carrier. Too many breakages en route have caused her to withdraw international shipping. I know, as I'm one of those who got them before the withdrawal of international shipping. Shame, because they're gorgeous, but I understand the shop owner not wanting to disappoint and losing money when trying to replace due to bad shipping practice.

  3. Stunning shades! I cannot stop staring :D

  4. Omg, I so need Lying. I don't know if I like the blue or turquoise lean better -- good thing my nails are long enough to show both!

    1. You definitely do! It always looks awesome, and thermals are just so fun to play with!