Monday, March 31, 2014

Indigo Bananas Halloween/Fall 2013, Part 2

I have four more brilliant shades from Indigo Bananas' Fall "Rocky Horror" inspired collection to share today. These colors are gorgeous and full of life, just like Rocky himself!

Indigo Bananas Great Scott!

Great Scott! is an incredible electric denim-blue fleck-filled polish with a gorgeous gold/green shimmer. I absolutely love the lively color and texture of this polish! I'm looking forward to wearing this bright, aquatic blue to the beach this Summer. The formula is wonderful, and after just three coats it's nicely opaque. Great Scott! also glows a strong, bright blue in the dark.

Indigo Bananas Wise Up, Janet!

Wise Up, Janet! is a dazzling foil-like linear holographic lavender/lilac polish. The flecks make it appear silvery and metallic, and the holographic effect is quite strong, as you can see. Another stunning color with a gorgeous finish; I just love this pink-toned lavender shade! Wise Up, Janet! applied beautifully, and was opaque in three coats.

Indigo Bananas Lime Warp

Lime Warp is a bright honeydew melon green packed with amazing green/gold shimmering flecks, and is kind of a cousin to Great Scott! in the finish and shimmer. Lime Warp is very vivid yet cool-toned green, which makes it surprisingly easy to wear. This color has another superb formula and was opaque in 3-4 easy coats. Lime Warp glows a strong lime green in the dark.

Hope (BCA) is a linear holographic dark carnation-pink metallic-ish color with lovely pink and gold shimmer. Hope was a charity polish for the month of October, with part of the proceeds going toward the City of Hope, a cancer research organization. This is a very fun, feminine, and ultra-flattering shade of pink that I really enjoyed wearing! The holographic effect is also nicely visible, which I know us holo-addicts always love! Hope's formula was excellent and easy to apply, needing about three coats to look opaque.

These were definitely some of my favorite colors from Indigo Bananas' Fall collection! The flecked polishes are so vivid and unique, and look great in any lighting (or in no lighting at all! the glow is fantastic), and the holographics are bright and lovely with a stunning prismatic effect. And if you haven't tried any of these colors just yet, don't worry, they'll be perfect for Summer, too!

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