Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Zoya Bubbly Collection

Summer's almost here, and do you know what that means? It's time for pool parties and pedicures with the newest flip-floppin' fantastic Summer collection from Zoya! Here are the "Bubbly" polishes, a set of six sparkling jellies that are sure to be your summer crush.

Zoya Binx

Binx is one of my absolute favorites from this collection! It's a bright orchid/raspberry pink jelly with very sparkly gold shimmer and small iridescent glitters. Simply the perfect purple-pink orchid color, that seems to shift in various lighting. The formula was fantastic, very even and smooth. Here I've used three and a half coats, and no top coat.

Zoya Harper

Harper is a bright, bubblegum or "honeysuckle" pink jelly filled with very sparkly gold shimmer and small iridescent glitters. I don't think I've ever enjoyed this color pink as much as I do with Harper, it's a spectacularly fun and flattering shade! The formula was excellent, and applied very smoothly, to my pleasant surprise. Here I'm wearing three coats and no top coat, and have basically full coverage, with just very slight vnl in full sun.

Zoya Jesy

Jesy is a coral-tinted apricot/orange jelly with very sparkly gold shimmer and small iridescent glitters. This is another favorite of mine, a perfectly peachy and ultra-flattering orange! Jesy was a little on the sheer side, too, with slight vnl apparent after three and a half coats. The formula was just perfect though, and very easy to work with. Also pictured without top coat.

Zoya Muse

Muse is a medium-dark marine blue jelly with very sparkly gold shimmer and small iridescent glitters. The gold sparkle gives Muse a teal-green cast, and along with the iridescent glitter, a stunning mermaid-like effect. The formula was superb; very smooth, and evened out perfectly. This is definitely one of the more opaque colors in this collection. Pictured here is three coats and no top coat.

Zoya Stassi

Stassi is a bright green leaning emerald jelly with very sparkly gold shimmer and small iridescent glitters. I absolutely love this color green, and the slightly blue undertones make it much more wearable, for me at least! I would almost call this "Apple 2.0," since the color and finish of Stassi is so similar to Apple, minus that gorgeous glitter. The formula was was superb and applied smooth and evenly, however this was one of the more sheer colors, showing more visible nail line after three coats, as pictured here. Again, without top coat.

Zoya Alma

Alma is a golden tangerine/apricot jelly with peach undertones and very sparkly gold shimmer and small iridescent glitters. Alma is one of those colors where, despite not being particularly flattering on my skin-tone, I will still totally be wearing anyways because it's just so pretty! The formula was also just perfect, smooth and self-leveling, and just a touch more sheer. Shown here is three coats without top coat.

Anyone else craving a fruit salad after all these juicy colors? The Bubbly collection is another total win from Zoya, and reminds me of some of my favorite colors that came out a few years ago, with even more oomph! My personal favorites are the pinks, Binx and Harper, as well as Jesy, although they're all just spectacular! Which colors will you be wearing for Summer?

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  1. Binx was one of my favorites too! Awesome swatches. :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah! I loved how Binx always looked different/awesome in every lighting. :D

  2. This collection is just so pretty! Your swatches for it are amazing too.