Friday, July 4, 2014

Darling Diva: I Hate Pink Collection

Happy Fourth of July everyone! After a lovely day of kicking back, grilling, and enjoying my favorite beer (aka, celebrating freedom!), I thought I'd share a few colors from one of Darling Diva Polish's new collections, rather ironically named the "I Hate Pink" collection (but seriously, you're gonna love all of these pinks). So let's celebrate today with more beautiful sparklers from Darling Diva!

Darling Diva Polish Bad Bad Lulu Pink

Bad Bad Lulu Pink is a magenta shimmer linear holographic with strong blue-to-fuchsia shifting shimmer, a subtle foil-like, effect, and holographic glitter flecks. Wait, what? Holographic FLECKS? These magical rainbow flecks (think Zoya Storm or Picture Polish Cosmos), in addition to the rest of the total awesome in this polish, add an enchanting subtle sparkle, like a unicorn's wink! Bad Bad Lulu Pink's formula was just perfect, with a flawless application and great opacity, and looked smooth and even in just two coats. Pictured here is three coats plus top coat.

Look at those flecks! LOOK AT THEM.

Darling Diva Polish Call Me Jiggly!

Call Me Jiggly! is a cool-toned pale, lilac pink with a strong linear holographic effect and small iridescent glitters. I honestly don't usually care for many pinks, and gravitate more towards blues and purples, but giiirl, this is definitely my kind of pink! The slightly dusty and almost lilac color is just perfect, and I love how it looks with my skin tone. The formula was also excellent; smooth and even in about three easy coats. Shown here is four coats with top coat.

Darling Diva Polish I Hate Pink

I Hate Pink (which, actually, is probably my favorite color from this collection!) is a beautiful orchid-rose pink foil/shimmer linear holographic with blue-to-pink and pink-to-gold shifting sparkle. Did I mention this was my favorite? This polish is so incredibly gorgeous! The finish and color(s) are simply breathtaking, and constantly changing depending on the lighting and angle.  I Hate Pink's formula was also perfect, smooth, and even, needing about 2-3 coats, as shown here (plus top coat).

Darling Diva Gag on This!

Gag on This! is a light pastel bubblegum pink soft linear holo with glass flecks and small iridescent glitter. This is another super sweet and flattering soft pink color with some amazing sparkle, I love it! The formula was excellent and applied smooth and evenly. Gag on This! looked nicely opaque in three coats, and is shown here with four coats plus top coat.

With their glorious rainbows, color-shifting sparkle, and magical flecks, I've no doubt that these fantastic polishes can convert even the most dubious pink-haters out there. Darling Diva has been making some wonderful colors recently, as well as a whole collection of Llarowe-exclusive polishes, so be sure to check them out! Which are your favorite of the "I Hate Pink" pink polishes?

Some of the products in this post were purchased by me, while others were provided for my honest review. Please read my Disclosure for more information.

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  1. These are gorgeous! I'm usually not a fan of pinks but something about these are just drawing me in.