Sunday, August 10, 2014

Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Thermals & Holos, Summer 2014

Ah, Summertime-- the perfect time of year for sparkly rainbow holos and polishes that change color when you hop in and out of the pool! Today I have six brilliant new holographic and thermal colors from Femme Fatale Cosmetics to share with you all!

Femme Fatale Apothecary

Apothecary is a mesmerizing metallic sea foam-green with a subtle aqua shift filled with small gold flakes, and has a soft linear holographic effect. This color basically transforms your nails into rainbow mermaid tails, it's spectacularly gorgeous! The formula was flawless with excellent coverage, needing about two coats plus some tiny touch-ups, and the gold flakes laid very smoothly. Shown here with three coats plus top coat.

Femme Fatale Shadeling

Shadeling is an ethereal periwinkle-blue metallic linear holo with an entrancing pink-to-gold shifting shimmer. This color is pastel rainbow perfection! In my notes I wrote "cotton candy unicorn" which, to me, seems like the perfect description of this polish. The formula was just perfect with flawless application. Here I've used three coats with top coat.

Femme Fatale Ethereum

Ethereum is a dazzling light orchid-pink metallic with a lovely foil look, blue-to-pink shifting sparkle, and a strong linear holographic effect. This polish has it all, and looks stunning in every light and angle! And I especially love the super-flattering cool-toned pink color. The formula was also superb, with a smooth and effortless application. Pictured here is three coats and top coat.

Femme Fatale Vial of Frost

Vial of Frost is a sparkling cornflower-blue when warm, and a rich violet when cold, and shimmers with beautiful aqua-to-pink shifting flecks. This thermal polish is intensely gorgeous in every state, and the color-changing sparkle gives it even more incredible dimension! The formula was wonderful and easy to work with, and looked fully opaque in 3-4 coats. Shown here is five coats plus top coat.

Femme Fatale Twilight Sorcery

Twilight Sorcery is a vibrant scarlet shimmer when warm, and a rich merlot-leaning-plum when cold, and contains a lovely golden sparkling shimmer. The luxe, velvety look of this color is so sultry and sumptuous! The formula was excellent, with smooth, even coverage in just three coats. Twilight Sorcery dries semi-matte on its own, and is pictured here with top coat.

Femme Fatale Deepsea Charm

Deepsea Charm - pale aqua to teal green thermal polish with slight violet shift. opaque in 2-4 coats. shown with 4-5 + tc. excellent formula

Deepsea Charm is a shimmery aqua with blue-grey undertones when warm, and shifts to deep emerald green when cool, and shows a subtle blue-violet shift. This is another beautiful color combination; I particularly love the dreamy aqua. The formula was great with smooth, even coverage, and can be worn in about 2-4 coats, depending on preference. Here I have on four coats of Deepsea Charm with top coat, to show the full vibrancy of the color.

This is a spectacular set of colors, all with breath-taking and unique finishes, and that extra little touch of magic! My personal favorites are Shadeling, Vial of Frost, and Apothecary, but I truly love them all. What do you think of these new Femme Fatale polishes, and which are you going to try?

Right now, Femme Fatale Cosmetics has an amazing sale going on with some of her polishes, as well as a few of the other polish lines she carries, so be sure to check out her store and grab them before they're gone!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

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  1. These are very nice! The holos are gorgeous and the thermals are very interesting.

  2. Apothecary is my absolute favorite of the bunch. It's incredibly gorgeous!