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Aliquid Lacquer: Puppy Love, LE Polish for Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

October is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month, and to rally support and awareness for this cause, Aliquid Lacquer has created a spectacular limited edition polish, "Puppy Love," where a portion of each sale will be donated to the ASPCA. Keep reading to learn more and see more photos of this gorgeous color!

Aliquid Lacquer Puppy Love

Puppy Love is a beautiful bright teal jelly filled with fuchsia and gold shifting flecks and shimmer and a subtle holographic sparkle. I love, love this color! It makes me think of  tropical turquoise waters that sparkle like magic in the sun! Application was flawless; completely smooth and even, and the jelly finish looked semi-translucent in two coats and opaque in 3-4. Pictured here is four coats with top coat.

Now, onto the picture spam!

As I'd mentioned before, this is a very special polish. Not only because it's really quite a fantastic color, but also because $5 from each purchase will be donated to the ASPCA. This polish will only be available during the month of October, which is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month. Alison has set a goal of selling 50 bottles, which would raise $250 for the ASPCA, and make a huge difference in the lives and well-being of many animals in need of homes.

Nico and Luna

Our two dogs, Nico (left) and Luna (right), and cat, Gemma (below), each came from a shelter or rescue organization. Needless to say, adopting pets from shelters is something I strongly believe in and encourage others to do. These amazing girls bring my husband and I so much happiness, and have truly enriched our lives with their unwavering love and companionship. Both of our dogs are mutts, and since we adopted them as adults it was fairly easy to gauge their personalities and temperaments. They're both very affectionate, playful, yet calm, and love car rides (what dog doesn't?), bones and woobies, and simply being near us. Our cat is pretty cool, too.


Nico, also known as Niko-niko (which means "happy/smiling in Japanese), was rather shy and quiet at first, but once she became more comfortable with us, and especially after Luna joined our family, we really started to see her fun, playful, and vocal side. Along with woobies and ear-scratches, Nico is fairly obsessed with chasing laser pointers, and will flip out and chase/bark at any light reflections she sees. She and Gemma will fight over who gets to catch them.


Luna is just the sweetest girl. She's goofy, cuddly, possibly made of rubber, and just wants to spend every moment right next to us. She's also very paws-y, and will paw and poke at us to let us know when she wants something (food, outside, love-ies. Usually love-ies.) Luna sometimes has crazy bursts of energy where she will just run around in circles either out in the yard or all throughout the house, and even under the bed, but most of the time she's pretty chill and just wants to be a lap dog.


Gemma is our "Abby Tabby," an Abyssinian and tabby cat mix. She also goes by demon kitty, demonburger, boo-bear, and Gemma Louise. Unlike the previous kitties I've homed, who had been feral cats, Gemma is playful and outgoing, as well as a bit stubborn and bratty, occasionally vengeful (watch out when you see the "angry tail"), yet also very cuddly and affectionate (on her own terms, of course). She is very talkative and will demand food, litter changes, brushings, and sips of milk. Gemma also likes to run all through the house caterwauling and communicating with demons, particularly after we've gone to bed.

There are so many amazing animals like ours in animal shelters who need good homes and for someone to give them a chance.

Find out more about rescue animals and this stunning LE polish, "Puppy Love," in Alison of Aliquid Lacquer's post here and The Polish Hound's excellent post and review here. "Puppy Love" will be available at Aliquid Lacquer's shop for the month of October.

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  1. What a gorgeous color for such a great cause. Love seeing pictures of your dogs and cat.