Saturday, November 29, 2014

Femme Fatale: New Releases, Part 1

Tonight I have more of the newest releases from Femme Fatale Cosmetics! Keep reading for more photos of these sparkly, glitter-filled jellies.

Grove of Shards is a rich, deep berry jelly filled with holographic, metallic, and matte glitters in pink, copper, brown, red, and gold of various shapes and sizes, including hexes, squares, triangles, shards, and micro-glitter. I loove this color! The beautiful array of sunset-like colors and sparkle are absolutely breathtaking! Grove of Shards was inspired by the warm, autumnal colors of Talador, my personal favorite new area in Draenor. The formula was fabulous, and it was easy to apply an even amount of glitter. Here I've worn two coats over Zoya Margo, although the jelly base is opaque enough to layer on its own, too. Topped with two coats of Gelous and top coat.


Femme Fatale Groves of Shards

The Forgotten Coast is a teal-green jelly containing a mix of holographic, metallic, and matte glitter in emerald, chartreuse, teal, and violet of varying sizes in the shape of hexes, micro-glitter, some triangles, and even a few circles. The holographic glitters in this polish flash a lot of sparkle, giving it gorgeous depth of color. It definitely reminds me of the rainy, moss-covered trees and ruins of Feralas. The formula was very good, and the glitters came out easily and lay pretty smoothly on their own. Some fishing was needed for the triangles as there are fewer of them. Pictured here is three coats over Milani Fresh teal, plus two coats of Gelous and top coat. The Forgotten Coast would build nicely enough to wear by itself, too.


The Fallen Brood is a blackened violet jelly filled with holographic and metallic glitters in black, violet, and magenta in multiple shapes and sizes including hexes, circles, and stars. This wickedly deep and mysterious color is perfectly reminiscent of the twilight dragonflight! The formula was very good, with an easy, even application, and some fishing required for the star and circle glitters. Shown here is 2-3 coats over Orly Saturated along with two coats of Gelous and top coat.

Lady Sinestra

Haemotolangia is a deep merlot jelly full of matte and metallic glitter in red, plum, fuchsia, and black in various-sized hexes and micro-glitter. The red and pink glitters seem to glow within the dark burgundy base, absolutely lovely! Apparently "Haemotolangia" refers to blood fetishism, which immediately made me think of Blood Queen Lana'thel, every damage-doer's favorite vampire queen. The formula was very good and the glitters applied evenly with minimal effort. Here I'm wearing three coats of Haemotolangia by itself topped with two coats of Gelous and top coat.

Blood Queen Lana'thel

Deepwild Shallows is an emerald-green jelly packed with holographic and metallic forest green, gold, aqua, and fuchsia circle and hex glitters in an assortment of sizes. This is another favorite of mine. The assortment of colors is stunning, and looks just like Night Elves or the jungles of Krasarang! The formula was wonderful and easy to work with, and the glitters distributed effortlessly on the nail. Pictured here is 2-3 coats over Zoya Verushka plus a coat of Gelous and top coat.

Krasarang Wilds

These dazzling glitter-filled jellies are so absolutely gorgeous and versatile in how they can be worn. My personal recommendations are Grove of Shards, Deepwild Shallows, and the Forgotten Coast. And best of all, right now all Femme Fatale polishes are being discounted up to 60% off. These shades will not be returning so act fast before they disappear!

Products sent for my honest review. Please read my Disclosure for more information.


  1. These are all so gorgeous so far!

  2. These look gorgeous and I love the bases that you paired them with! My favorites are Deepwild Shallows, Grove of Shards, and The Fallen Brood!

    1. Thank you, I love how they turned out! Awesome choices. :D