Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pretty Serious: Rooftop Soiree

I have a dazzling array of merry and bright holiday colors from Pretty Serious to share tonight! Here is the "Rooftop Soiree" collection, a set of six sparkling polishes to get the party started. Keep reading to see more!

Pretty Serious Red Carpet Treatment

Red Carpet Treatment is a mix of small red hexes and holographic silver micro-glitters in a red-tinted jelly base. This is gorgeously sparkly classic ruby red! The formula was great with very good coverage and smooth, easy application. Red Carpet Treatment looked opaque in 2-3 coats. Shown here is three coats with a coat of Gelous and top coat.

Pretty Serious Moments 'til Midnight

Moments 'til Midnight contains holographic silver glitter of varying sizes in a navy blue jelly base. This was another super sparkly beauty! I love the arrangement of different-sized glitters in this perfect blue jelly. And the formula was just excellent. Moments 'til Midnight had great coverage and easy, even application that looked opaque in 2-3 coats. Shown here is three coats plus a coat of Gelous and top coat.

Pretty Serious Invitation Only

Invitation Only is a charcoal-grey shimmer with fuchsia, gold, and green shifting sparkle and a subtle holographic effect. This was one of my favorites of the collection; the flashes of pink sparkle and delicate holo effect make this a wonderfully unique color. The formula was flawless and looked opaque in just two coats. Here I have on three coats plus top coat.

Pretty Serious Daphne After Dark

Daphne After Dark is a mix of red, fuchsia, gold, green, and blue micro-glitter in a black-tinted jelly base. This polish is a variation of the popular shade "Daphne's Birthday Party," with the black base giving it a more understated look, like festive, glowing lights at night. The formula was a bit on the thick side, but a few drops of thinner would easily do the trick. Application was very good and looked smooth, even, and opaque in three coats. Pictured here is three coats with top coat.

Pretty Serious Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar is a teal-tinted jelly filled with holographic and metallic navy, aqua, and green glitters. This is such a fantastic mermaid color, and another favorite of mine! It has an amazing reflective sparkle and just seems to glow. Cocktail Bar also had a perfect formula with an effortlessly smooth and even application, and looked opaque in 2-3 coats. Here I'm wearing three coats plus top coat.

Pretty Serious Glitz & Glam

Glitz & Glam is a mix of champagne gold and silver glitter flakes in a clear base. The flakes create a beautifully textured and sparkly yet super reflective look that is truly stunning. Glitz & Glam looks great on its own, as shown here, but could also be worn layered over another color. The formula is pretty good and looks opaque in 3-4 coats. Pictured here is four coats with top coat.

The "Rooftop Soiree" collection is a fun, chic, and sparkly take on classic colors that would look amazing any season! And I am continually impressed with Pretty Serious's quality formulas. My particular favorites are Invitation Only, Cocktail Bar, and Red Carpet Treatment. Which of these will you be inviting to your next party?

Products sent for my honest review. Please read my Disclosure for more information.