Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Indigo Bananas: Summer Rains 2014 Collection (Partial)

It's been a little while, hasn't it? This has been a bit of a crazy month for me, but I'm back and I have a slightly belated, but obviously still super fantastic, post to share with colors from Indigo Bananas! The "Summer Rains" collection is a set of jellies (plus one crelly!) full of color-shifting iridescent flakies and shimmer, and a beautiful holographic effect.

Indigo Bananas Storm Drops

Storm Drops is a powder blue crelly with iridescent green shimmer, white flakies, and silver flecks. This is a very special dream polish of mine that Andrea and I had talked about creating for some time, and she's taken it to a whole other level and made it look soo beautiful! I love the delicate shade of blue, and the subtle shimmer and sparks of grey-- perfectly reminiscent of a stormy sky. The formula was great, with excellent self-leveling, and looked opaque in about three coats. Pictured here is four coats and no top coat.

Indigo Bananas Rainbow in the Dark

Rainbow in the Dark is a black-tinted jelly with small and large red, green, blue, and gold iridescent shifting flakies and a subtle linear holographic effect. The name is the perfect description of this color-- tons of gorgeous, rainbow flakies that glow brilliantly within a dark, near-black base. The formula was very good, and the color slightly more sheer, looking opaque in about three coats. Pictured here is four coats plus top coat.

Indigo Bananas Acid Ocean

Acid Ocean is a deep, teal-blue jelly filled with green-to-blue-violet shifting iridescent flakies as well as red-to-green shifting shimmer. I love this color SO HARD! It's full of everything magical (unicorn pee!) and looks absolutely gorgeous on. The formula was excellent with great coverage, and looked opaque in three coats. Here I'm wearing four coats for extra depth without top coat. Andrea suggests wearing top coat with these beauties, and I would definitely recommend it as well, because it truly does make the flakies pop even more.

Indigo Bananas Hole in the Sky

Hole in the Sky is a bright, blue-violet jelly full of orange-to-green shifting iridescent flakies and shimmer, and a subtle linear holographic effect. This is basically one of my favorite colors ever. That purple is just breathtaking, and the flakies complement it perfectly. Oh and? It will sparkle RAINBOWS for you outside! So, don't plan on being particularly productive while wearing this color, you'll pretty much just be staring at your fantastic nails all day. The formula was just perfect, and looked opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on preference. Shown here is four coats with top coat.

Indigo Bananas Reign

Reign is a deep, berry-red jelly full of gold and holographic shimmer and iridescent red-to-green shifting flakies. Such a rich and complex color, and unlike anything I have. The formula was also flawless, very smooth with great self-leveling, and looked opaque in 2-3 coats. Shown here is three coats without top coat.

Indigo Bananas Molten Universe

Molten Universe is a fiery red-orange jelly filled with gold shimmer, iridescent red-to-green shifting flakies, and a subtle scattered holo effect. Sometimes I'm a little apprehensive with oranges, but as soon as I put this color on, I was in love! This orange is so vibrant and complex, and really super flattering! The formula was perfect  and had full-coverage in just two coats. Here I have on two coats with top coat.

The only color I didn't review from this collection is Countdown to Extinction, a bright kelly green jelly packed with red-to-green and green-to-gold shifting flakies with a linear holo effect. Some amazing swatches and reviews of this color can be found at Very Emily, Refined & Polished, and Ida Nails It.

. . .

I am so thrilled with this whole collection! The vibrant colors and semi-translucent jelly finishes are just so perfect for Summertime. Which of these colors do you want to wear this Summer?

Indigo Bananas

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