Friday, June 5, 2015

Glam Polish: Pirouette Flakies

Today I have a very special collection of limited edition flakie crellies from Glam Polish to share with you all! These beauties go on sale tonight, in like, less than an hour, so have a look and find out which your favorites are!

Formula Overview

These crellies are designed to look semi-translucent to allow the iridescent flakies and sparkle to show through. They aren't as pigmented or opaque, and instead offer a beautifully soft and delicate look, and a "squishy" effect. The formulas are all similar to one another, with a smooth and even application. I found I achieved the best coverage starting with two thinner coats, followed by a third thicker coat. If I had any patchy areas, it was very easy to brush on a little extra to even out. My photos show three coats with top coat. I don't recommend more than 3-4 coats as the polish will start to look too thick, however these could easily layer over a creme with a similar base color.

Glam Polish Tutu Cute!

Tutu Cute! is a cotton candy-pink pastel crelly with a medley of iridescent color-shifting flakies, gold sparkle, and a sprinkle of holographic glitter dust. The perfect ballerina pink with a touch of whimsy and sparkle!

Glam Polish Dance First Think Later

Dance First Think Later is a lavender crelly full of iridescent blue-to-violet iridescent shifting flakies, pink sparkle, and subtle holographic glitter dust. Very soft and sweet, and I love the blue iridescence alongside the lavender.

Glam Polish This is All Pointless

This is All Pointless is a bright pastel cornflower blue crelly with iridescent green-to-violet shifting flakies and a hint of holographic glitter dust. This is another favorite of mine; the soft yet bright shade of blue is sooo crazy-gorgeous!

Glam Polish Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is a bright pastel aqua crelly filled with a medley of iridescent color-shifting flakies and a light smattering of holographic glitter dust. This might just be favorite of the whole collection! It's like wearing a perfectly clear, tropical ocean on your fingertips, plus those magical rainbow flakes!

Glam Polish You Keep Me on My Toes

You Keep Me on My Toes is a medium-grey crelly full of iridescent blue-to-violet shifting flakies and subtle holographic glitter dust. Such a beautiful combination of colors, and so perfectly sheer and delicate.

Glam Polish Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer is a bright pastel peachy-coral crelly filled with iridescent orange-to-green shifting flakies, gold sparkle, and a touch of holographic glitter dust. This is one of my favorite colors for Summer, and I love how the gold flakies pop!

Glam Polish Swan Lake

Swan Lake has a clear base filled with genuine white gold leaf flakes, iridescent blue-violet shifting flakies, and holographic glitter dust. I personally prefer this topper over medium-dark colors to get the full effect of the iridescent flakies, plus then those gorgeous silver flakes really stand out! Here I'm wearing two coats over a gradient with Maybelline Ultra Violet, an orchid pink creme, and Revlon Enchanting, a lavender creme. Gently roll the bottle to mix so as not to break up the silver flakes.

These colors are all just so lovely. The sheer base and iridescent flakies give them an airy, whimsical, and beautifully delicate effect, perfectly reminiscent of a graceful ballet dancer. 

As Glam Polish has a limited supply of the ingredients needed for these, there will be a limit of one bottle of each color per customer for this collection, and only a small quantity is available. So don't wait to pick up your favorites as they might disappear! This special, limited edition launches today at 8pm EST.

Glam Polish

Products sent for my honest review. Please read my Disclosure for more information.


  1. All of these are soft and pretty but Leap of Faith- yum! Swan Lake is calling to me too!

    1. Right?! Ugh, I looove aqua-blues like this, I want to swim in it!