Thursday, August 2, 2012

Matte About Lilac

Here is another beauty from my swap with lovely blogger HappyBerryNaiad, a gorgeous shifting Lilac from Elianto.

Elianto Lilac

Although it's quite sheer (I believe this was four coats, if I remember correctly), the color is absolutely worth the time! I love everything about this polish: the shimmery texture, the beautiful shift from periwinkle and lilac to pinkish-gold, and the formula was super easy to work with.

The only issues I had with the polish being so sheer was a little bit of VNL, and my tips did not get good coverage. Because of this it may be better to layer it over another polish, but then it may lose some of its "glow." :/

What? More matte glitter? Absolutely yes.

+ Love & Beauty Pink Speckled Glitter and Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love

How freakin' cool is this combination?! Except for that awful tip-wear, argh! Also whenever I use my matte top-coat, it likes to make gross looking matte-y edges around my polish. :( Though it probably would have helped if I'd cleaned it properly after applying.

This awesome flakey glitter is said to be a dupe of OPI I Lily Love You. I can't do a comparison myself, but from what I've seen it appears to be true. Pink Speckled Glitter is still available on Forever 21's website for anyone interested, at the awesome price of $3 only!

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