Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pastel Gradient Sparkle Tape Fun Time!

After seeing the stunning and immaculate gradient manicure from the Swatchaholic (seriously, how freakin' talented is this lady?) I really wanted to try a horizontal skittle gradient of my own!

NYC Mint Macaroon (mint) + Revlon Modern Grace (lavender) + Revlon Luxe Laque (pink)

I followed this tutorial by The Nailasaurus using a smooth makeup sponge, toothpicks, and a plastic plate. I've only done some simple glitter gradients prior to this, and although it took some time to even out and blend the colors, I think it turned out pretty well! After deciding how the colors would blend and which two colors would be on each nail, I painted them each with the sheerer of those two colors so that the more opaque color would transfer on and blend more easily. On that note, I recommend colors that are one or two coaters.

Since they were creams, cleanup was rather easy, so that was a bonus.

The next day I thought I'd bling it out even more with another awesome manicure idea from the Swatchaholic, a diagonal striping tape mani!

+ Elianto Lilac

Layered on top is one coat of Elianto Lilac, which added some awesome sparkly lavender yet was still sheer enough to let the gradient peek through.

Gradient manis are such a fun way to experiment with different color palettes and create something really beautiful and unique! Definitely going to try this one again soon.

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