Monday, October 29, 2012

Crack-tacular and Zombie-rific!

I've been out of town with my husband visiting with his family for the past two weeks, and we had an awesome time! But I did miss out on doing more spooky manicures, so I tried to make up for it the other day with some zombie nails-- BRAAAIIINS!

Love & Beauty Mint Frosting + Fantasy Makers Glow + Sinful Colors Black Crackle

Or bat.

It was very glow-y when I first put it on, but when I "charged" it under a bulb and outside to take photos today, it wouldn't glow at all. :( So I guess glow-in-the-darks can lose their glow, or at least this one by Fantasy Makers can.

This is actually my first time using a crackle polish! I picked up this one by Sinful Colors when they were on sale for $1 last week at Walgreens, and was pleasantly surprised with how well it seemed to apply and crack. I used medium-thin coats, and even when I had to get more polish to apply to a nail it still cracked "evenly".

* * *
And of course while we were on vacation I had to find the polishes! Especially ones I can't find here. Made trips to Meijer, Five Below, Forever 21, and checked out the local Walgreens, Sephora, and Kohl's, to procure this wonderful haul:

From L to R, Top: Kat Von D No Regrets, Sparklehorse, Wonderchild, and Mad Max, Funky Fingers Taffy Town, Mermaid Lagoon, and Mirror, Mirror, Sinful Colors Black Crackle and Mesmerize, Sally Hansen Polar Bare. Bottom: Candie's Gimme Gold and Disco Chic, Sally Hansen Blue Frosting, Love & Beauty Peach, Claw Polish Phantom, Studio M Lust, L'Oreal Temptress' Power, Hare Polish Bury the Hatchetfish, Girly Bits Indian Summer, and Layla Hologram Effect Cloudy Violet.

• Picked up those Kat Von D polishes for someone in search of them (yay!), to send out in a Polish Parcel.
• This was the first time I've ever seen a Five Below store-- everything is $5 or less, and the Funky Fingers are 3 for $5.
• Found those Sinful Colors and Sally Hansen on Sale! at Walgreens, woohoo!
• I'd heard about the new Candie's lacquers at Kohl's and decided to try out the purple and gold glitters.
• One thing I really miss having close by is a Forever 21, although I didn't find very exciting colors there this trip.
• And Meijer! I looove Meijer, they always have polishes for less and lines that I haven't seen anywhere else, like Studio M.
• While we were up there I had actually ordered some polishes from Llarowe and SneakPeeq (never again!) and had them shipped to me (couldn't miss the new Hares!).
I truly did try to be conservative! There was just too much cool stuff I kept finding on sale. ;) Have a great week!

Happy Halloween!

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