Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Painted Sabotage

Today I have a couple of beautiful colors from an amazing new polish maker, Painted Sabotage.

Here is the adorable package I received in the mail-- really cute, huh?

Gargle Blaster and Valthrudnir

Check out all of that glitter and shimmer and awesomeness!

"The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster was invented by Zaphod Beeblebrox, a major character in Douglas Adams' novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

Painted Sabotage Gargle Blaster + Zoya Bevin, accented with Orly Preamp

Gargle Blaster is a lovely minty green with green shimmer as well as fuchsia and silver glitters of varying shapes and sizes. I love all of the depth and dimension this polish has! The formula was excellent and it was very easy to apply the glitter evenly. I chose to layer it over Zoya Bevin, as it was rather sheer on it's own, so this is what two coats looks like with undies (and accented with Orly Preamp!).

Another thing I would like to mention is how well this polish lasted for me. Typically I can't wear a polish more than a couple of days without tip wear or chipping, but Gargle Blaster braved many hardships (and several days) and came through looking as good as ever!

"Valthrudnir (Vafþrúðnir) is the name of a frost giant that challenged Odin in Norse mythology."

Painted Sabotage Valthrudnir + Essie Smooth Sailing

And here is Valthrudnir, possibly my favorite of the two, a gorgeous mix of gunmetal, white, pale blue, and holographic glitters of different sizes in a muted denim blue base. It really captures cold and ice and winter! Another beautiful and complex polish with an excellent formula and just the right amount of glitter for easy application. Again, this one is pretty sheer so I layered it over Essie Smooth Sailing, which is a little darker than Valthrudnir's base, but I just loved this combination.

You can find Painted Sabotage's polishes in her Etsy shop, and updates about new polishes on her Facebook page.


  1. Gorgeous! You made these look far better than I did. I suppose it helps that you have very enviable cuticles. :)