Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beware the Ides of Bananas!

Banana Fan art? (Or is that Fanana art?) Indigo Bananas nail polish is having an amazing art contest for the "Ides of Bananas"! Draw some historical 'nanners for a chance to win the most gorgeous polishes!

Distressed Julius Caesar Banana

3/15/13 - 3/23/13 9pm PST Ides of Bananas fan art competition/giveaway (mostly on Pinterest):
"Draw/paint a banana or group of bananas in a historical setting or as a historical character."
This was inspired by the 'fan art' mustachioed & monocled banana that is seen here:

Rules: - It must be your own work, please! - It can be in black or white, hand drawn & scanned, computer drawn, color, set against a backdrop or solo. - It can be a series of bananas enacting a scene (any sort of comic format). - You can enter multiple entries, but only one will qualify to win in each category - but please submit as many as you like. - Try to do better than I have done (a low bar) - You can focus on producing a well drawn image OR just go for the funniest thing you can think of. - No nail art. There may be a nail art competiton in the future though!
Categories (for now, I have no idea how many entries, if any, I will get): - Artistic - Comedy Option
Entries can be submitted via (in order of preference): - Pinterest community board: ( ) You need to be added to the board to be able to pin, so tell me your pinterest user name/page or e-mail that you would like to be invited with. - E-mailing me at with your entry(ies), preferred name and I will pin your entry on the Pinterest board and eventually Facebook fan art gallery. - Posting on the Indigo Bananas Facebook page. I highly prefer posting on Pinterest - if you have not used Pinterest I can send an invite to the board. If you do not wish to use Pinterest or make an account, that's fine too!
Prizes! - Each of the two above categories will have prizes (multiple amounts of Indigo Bananas polishes + some other things). There will be at least two winners, but there will be more depending on how many entries I get, so prizes are still TBD.
More info here.

. . .
This is such a fun and creative contest! Definitely take a few minutes and draw your best banana. :D

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