Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why are bananas never lonely?

Because they hang around in bunches! And boy, do I have a bunch of Indigo Bananas pictures to show off today!

Indigo Bananas Wednesday

That's right, another spectacular duochrome from Indigo Bananas! This is Wednesday, a beautiful amethyst glass fleck polish that shifts to pink, copper, gold, and even green at extreme angles. Wednesday has a dark-tinted base so there's no need to apply it over black make the color(s) visible. I used three coats to make it fully opaque. The formula was superb! Perfect consistency and easy application. I have only good things to say about this polish and this brand overall; they've all been just flawless.

Truly stunning. The bright amethyst, mesmerizing color shift, and unique texture will keep you staring at your nails all day long! Being a duochrome, you'll see the most shift and vibrancy in indirect light or shade. I wore this when it was yucky and overcast out, and Wednesday was just glowing! Definitely brightened up a gloomy day.

I discovered I have a couple of colors with a similar color and shift, Color Club Alias and Zoya Julieanne, and decided to do a comparison between the three.

Left to Right: Color Club Alias, Indigo Bananas Wednesday, Zoya Julieanne

As you can see, although it might be the same or similar amethyst/pink/gold shift, it's much more visible in Wednesday than the other two! Alias and Julieanne both have darkened bases as well, but they're so dark or opaque that they don't allow the pigment to show through as well. You can really see in the bottle shot how vibrant Wednesday is compared to the others.

Left to Right: Indigo Bananas Wednesday, Color Club Alias, Zoya Julieanne
You can find a bunch of beautiful colors from Indigo Bananas for sale in her Etsy shop, and be sure to check out her brand-new beautiful website and follow her on Facebook as well!

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