Sunday, March 31, 2013

Incandescent Love

I've been a big fan of Happy Hands' polishes for some time now and finally picked up one of her incredible colors! This is Metal Heart from her Faint of Heart collection for Valentine's.

Happy Hands Metal Heart over Sinful Colors Scandal

Recently I've fallen in love with jellies and I'm certain it's because of Metal Heart. It's a beautiful raspberry jelly with black, satin pink and lavender, tiny holographic fuchsia/red, and purple iridescent glitters in varying shapes and sizes. Being a jelly, it is sheer, but easily build-able. I used two coats over Sinful Colors Scandal, a hot pink jelly, and was very happy with the result. It's perfect on its own or could also be layered over a solid color if you prefer a more opaque look. The formula was excellent and easy to work with, and smoothed out very nicely.

Something that first drew me to Happy Hands' nail polish is that her polish colors and/or their names bear significance to something awesome. The first collection of hers I stumbled upon referenced the TV show "Arrested Development". Not only were the colors beautiful but they were about a hilarious and delightful tv show that I love, with names like "Banana Stand" and "Mayonegg" (her?). "Metal Heart" is a song by Cat Powers which I hadn't heard before seeing this collection, but it's very lovely. Even though I was unfamiliar with the song, I really enjoyed the imagery it conjured. Except, there is nothing cold or lifeless about this polish, it's truly vibrant and alive with color! So I imagined it being a kind of burning-hot metal heart; an incandescent love.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

I'd also like to mention how impressed I was with the longevity of this polish! A day after I applied it my husband and I spent that weekend washing, polishing, scrubbing, vacuuming, and fully-detailing a buddy's car (in exchange for a nearly-new lawnmower, woohoo!). I wore dish gloves and cleaned for hooouurs! Metal Heart came through like a champ with only minimal tip wear and one tiny chip where a piece of glitter came loose. Amazing! I've never had a polish survive so well under that much stress. I can't say whether this is typical of all of her polishes but I'm very eager to try more of them.

Happy Hands nail polishes can be found for sale in her Etsy store, on the Happy Hands website, and also through Harlow & Co.


  1. I've wanted Banana Stand since she came out with it! What a great name! I'm biased ;)

    Another great post from Princess Miss Royal Doulton :D

    1. There's always money in the banana stand! You *would* love the banana polish, huh? XD (I love it, too!)