Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Painted Sabotage Hate Tank and Moonjelly

Recently I picked up a couple more Painted Sabotage polishes, and once again, I'm totally in love! Here are the amazing (and super sparkly!) Hate Tank and Moonjelly.

Painted Sabotage Hate Tank

Hate Tank is a wine-colored jelly filled with holographic red micro-glitters, small burgundy glitters, and black shreds and hearts. I have been really into jellies lately, and Hate Tank is fueling the fire! The tiny red and fuchsia glitters look beautiful embedded in the burgundy jelly, and in the sun they come to life and really sparkle. Plus, if the sparklies weren't awesome enough already, it also has black hearts and black shredded glitter! How bad@$$ is that?!

The jelly was really easy to work with and had an excellent formula. I just pushed some of the shreds around so they stayed inside my polish outline, and placed the hearts where I wanted them. It was opaque in three coats, and the jelly is still transparent enough to see all of the glitters. However I think two coats would work fine, too, if you'd prefer it lighter and less opaque. I added a coat of Gelous to help smooth out the heart glitters.

The red holo glitters flicker like bits of fire in the sun, it's awesome!

Painted Sabotage Moonjelly

Moonjelly might just be my favorite Painted Sabotage polish to date! It's a lovely cool-toned green with a gorgeous blend of yellow, green, turquoise hexes and squares, some of which are also HOLOGRAPHIC! More rainbows and sparkles, woohoo! These colors look so fantastic together, and are a really unique combination that I just love.

The formula was also wonderful, no fishing or dabbing needed! Moonjelly spread out nice and evenly and was opaque in three coats. I used a coat of Gelous on this as well to make it extra glossy and smooth.

This is the kind of polish I never want to take off! I already want to wear it again. It's called MOONJELLY! What is that?! Who knows, but it's *perfect*!

Painted Sabotage's polishes are available for sale at her Etsy shop. Also check her Facebook page for news about upcoming colors and contests!

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