Monday, July 8, 2013

Darling Diva Polish: Back in Black, Part 1

Recently Darling Diva Polish released a set of polishes inspired by AC/DC, the "Back in Black" collection, which she very kindly sent me to review! Today I have three of the six awesometastic shades, Dirty Deeds, What Do You Do for Money Honey, and Crabsody in Blue.

Darling Diva Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds is a beautiful black jelly filled with lovely fuchsia holo, purple, lavender, and silver holo glitters. This one just might be my favorite! I love how the various purples pop against the black, as well as the awesome sparkling holographic glitter.

The formula was even and easy to work with, the glitter dispersed very evenly, and it built up nicely in three coats. Here I used Dirty Deeds by itself to keep a touch of that translucent jelly look.

Darling Diva What Do You Do for Money Honey

What Do You Do for Money Honey is another wonderful black jelly with small color-shifting glitter that can look gold, green, and blue. This glitter looks really amazing against the black, and it's easy to see the beautiful shift at any angle.

The formula was, again, fantastic; smooth and even, and became nicely opaque in three coats.

In full sunlight it has a really gorgeous sparkle!

Darling Diva Crabsody in Blue

Crabsody in Blue is a black jelly with dazzling blue-to-purple shifting glitters. Since the glitter is somewhat darker, the effect is a bit more subtle, but very lovely. My pictures were also taken on a somewhat overcast day-- there has been nothing but rain here lately!

The formula was also very good with easy application. Shown here is three coats of Crabsody in Blue, and it's nicely opaque.

The sun showed up for a minute or two! Here you can see more of the awesome sparkle.

Darling Diva Polish colors are for sale in her Etsy shop as well as through Llarowe. Also make sure to like Darling Diva on Facebook for pictures of new colors, special deals, and giveaways!